Log In

Upon implementation, Users are given a User Name (most often their full email address) and a temporary Password. After logging in for the first time, Users are then prompted to change their Password.

  • Enter User Name and Password and click Log In.

ALERT: Incorrectly entering a Password: (five times) may result in being locked out of the application. Please contact your organization administer ("super-user") for further assistance.

gs login realogicbudgetlogings login forgotyourpassword

A new, temporary password is sent via email. The next time the user logs in they are prompted to choose a new password.

gs login changeyourpassword


After logging in and selecting an organization, users are then directed to the Dashboard.

    • Client Administration - The highest level of the system hierarchy is the Client. To access the client level of the system, choose the desired client from the list in the top left portion of the screen.
    • Budget Administration - Within each client are separate budgets. To access the budgets within a specific Client, choose the desired Client from the dropdown field in the Budget Administration section in the bottom left portion of the screen and a list of associated Budgets will appear.

NOTE: This section is where the setup of budgets occurs. To enter the budgeting process (entering expenses lease assumptions, etc) jump directly to the Budget Rent Roll section.

    • Budget Rent Roll - The middle portion of the dashboard lists links to the buildings within a user's default budget. (Building level access to the Rent Roll and all other tabs based on the assigned Client:, Budget: and Portfolio:) Clicking a link from the list will transport the user to the Expense Tab for that building.
    • Pipeline Rent Roll - The right portion of the dashboard is an optional component available only to organizations who subscribe to the module.
    • Quick Search By - Building or Pipeline:


gs dasboardnavigate

    • Switch Organization - Navigates back to the user organization selection screen. (Most users will only have one available Organization.)
    • Dashboard - Appears when in another section to provide a way back.
    • Reports - The application's 'full-blown' Reports section
    • Admin - Access to the Organization Admin.
    • Preferences - Opens a window where users can set and edit default values that are used as filters in other screens.
    • Logoff

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